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Enlighten Law Group

The name of the law firm comes from the motto of the University of California Berkeley and the Law School, "Let There Be Light" (Latin “Fiat Lux”).

The first meaning of this name is "bring the light". We believe that installment of the law for the parties in need of legal assistance, function like the introduction of light into the dark, or bringing in the hope in despair. The second dimension of its meaning is "enlightenment". We believe that the rightful and innovative legal concepts are of significance to the enlightenment of society and the public. It is also an important driving force for social progress. The third level means that we believe that the progress of the legal system and practical matters, need more creativity and new knowledge, in order to light up the ancient traditions of legal professional areas.

As a newly established firm, the goal of Enlighten Law Group is to bring a brand new look to Taiwan's legal services. Enlighten Law Group's Partner Attorneys have long-standing legal and lawyer experience and are highly recognized by industry and customers in their respective fields. We look forward to providing the highest quality of service in a new and creative approach, especially in emerging and interdisciplinary legal issues such as Fintech, Project Finance or Criminal Science, to create new fields for Taiwan's legal services and to provide appropriate, efficient, and high quality services to customers with various needs.


The establishment of the Enlighten Law Group is aimed at cross-border and complex cases, as well as legal cases that have no precedents or not yet been developed. For the recent changes in the global economy, no matter the New Southbound Policy of the Taiwan government, One Belt One Road in mainland China, as a law firm born in new era, we attach importance to cross-border capacity, whether through international cooperation, or through active participation in international organizations, more active deployment and use of international networks, but also through such an international network to support our customers around the world, and to assist our clients to globalize their development.


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