Taiwan Bar Association

Since July 2015, Mr. Tsai has served as Deputy Chairperson of Taiwan Bar Association’s Financial & Economic Law Committee. At the joint meeting of the directors and supervisors of the Bar Association, he reported on the legal aspects of TRF/DKO disputes, on behalf of the Bar Association, attended the TRF/DKO Dispute Resolution Meeting at the Banking Bureau of the Financial Supervisory Commission, and assisted the planning of TRF/DKO dispute resolution mechanisms. Mr. Tsai is assigned to be responsible to provide amendment advices for the Company Law, Anti-Money Laundering Act and many other important codes and regulations, and for the organization of public hearings, seminars, and the meeting in the Legislative Yuan. Mr. Tsai participates in the directors’ meetings of the Bar Association, and assists lawyer education and professional training courses while supporting the missions and tasks of the Bar Association.

Chinese Arbitration Association, Taipei

As a member of the Financial Committee and Financial Arbitrator of the Chinese Arbitration Association (CAA), Mr. Tsai was responsible for the construction of a dispute resolution mechanism for TRF/DKO crisis based on the financial arbitration system. He organized a number of seminars and conferences for CAA to explain the financial arbitration system to the investors and the financial institutions. He also made contribution to have the Taiwanese Government to accept the financial arbitration as an effective TRF/DKO dispute resolution.


Chinese Arbitration Association, Taipei

Served as one Financial Arbitrator in CAA Taipei, Mr. Tsai was seated in the arbitration panel of a future trading dispute. The Plaintiff, the investor, claimed that the future broker company and its electronic trading system made enormous mistake in negligence and failed to execute his commands to cancel all the trading requests, which resulted in his losses of potential profits. Mr. Tsai was in charge of the review and judgment of this case. The arbitration award favors the future broker company due to the dissatisfied burden of proof.

Yuanta Commercial Bank

Served as the Principal Counsel to Yuanta Commercial Bank (YCB), Mr. Tsai was responsible for the Legal Affairs Department and executed the implementation of the legal issues. He was in charge of the major financial assets transactions and cross-border financing matters of YCB, and participated in the meetings of the Board of Directors and the management. He reviewed major transactions and loan cases, and managed the TRF/DKO transaction disputes and non-performing loans (NPL).

Tomorrowplus Technology Co., Ltd.

Tomorrowplus Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the most serious damaged Taiwanese companies affected by the RMB TRF/DKO transaction losses. Mr. Tsai has comprehensively reviewed the transaction documents and processes between the client and several banks, whether it is in compliance with the financial regulations, and provided a strategic legal solution to the client. By assisting the client to negotiate with the major creditor banks, he successfully retrieved some of the personal assets and trust property seized by banks.

TRF/DKO losses of Tomorrowplus Technology Co., Ltd. are estimated at more than US$100 million.

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