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The Legal 500 Rankings 2022, Asia Pacific Leading Firm
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The Legal 500 Rankings 2022, Asia Pacific Recommended Lawyer
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The Legal 500 Rankings 2019, Asia Pacific Recommended Lawyer
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Enlighten Law Group accepts challenges of pioneering legal issues enthusiastically, especially for global commercial cases with high-complexity and revolutionary FinTech. “Cross-boundary” and “Innovative ” are our features. Due to our professions in several different fields, we can step out of  traditional practices without the limitation of old thinking.


Financial Technology(FinTech):

The connection between finance and technology was extremely weak in the past, and there were very few legal issues happening at the intersection of them. Therefore, technological talents had had no ideas about financial markets and financiers had not paid attention to the progress of technology for many years. However, plenty of legal matters that people have never seen before appear in this area today, for instance, the distributed and decentralized blockchain finance and the adaption to centralized and enlarging financial institutions under the financial supervision. Then it makes us consider whether the legal regime is complete enough for traditional banks that use real-name systems and KYC as the basis of risk control and store transaction data in the information center to introduce blockchain technology. It’s difficult to make a risk assessment that solely relies on analyzing legal texts under these circumstances. But Enlighten Law Group is good at dealing with unexpected situations, pointing out legal minefields for clients and balancing their new ideas and compliance with regulatory requirements.

Transnational cases:

Entrepreneurs need professional legal talents to meet the compliance requirements of transnational commerce while they are in the process of business activities and negotiation around the world. Enlighten Law Group is dedicated to assisting our customers to cope with transnational legal issues no matter how changeable the situations of international business or policies are, such as the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the Belt and Road Initiatives and the New Southbound Policy in Taiwan. Enlighten Law Group has quantities of international business and trade experience, our attorney at law has studied and practiced abroad over a long period time, and we cooperate with local firms successfully. In recent years, Enlighten Law Group has offered service multi-nationally for clients in Denmark, Switzerland, France, Japan, China, Norway, Hong Kong, etc., and disposed of transnational litigation and arbitration cases.

Practice team

Leading partner: Kunchou Tsai (Cai Kunzhou)

Professional fields:

Corporate governance, securities trading, financial supervision, international investment, financial technology innovation, and other high-end legal fields.

Academic background:

Ph.D. Candidate, Faculty of Law, National Chengchi University; majoring in Financial Law, Company Law, Securities Law, Financial Supervision, Mergers and Acquisitions, and Financial Technology.

Master of Laws, University of California, Berkeley; majoring in Business Law, Securities Law, Corporate Law, Corporate Mergers and Acquisitions.

Master of Laws, University College London, UK; majoring in Banking and Financial Regulations.

Professional experiences:

Financial Industry: Coordinator of Taipei Exchange(TPEx), Researcher of Financial Supervisory Committee(FSC), Bank Legal Supervisor

Lawyer Experience: Partner of Zoomlaw Attorneys-at-law, Senior Associate of Guoju Law Firm

China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission (CIETAC) arbitrator

.(Appointment system, nominated for financial expertise, the youngest member of Taiwan)

Deputy Chairman of the Financial Law Committee of the Taiwan Association of Lawyers

China Arbitration Association Finance Committee and Financial Arbitrator

Division of work based on specialization:

Financial Legal Affairs: Lin Jinshun Accountant, Lin Mengxiang Consultant, Chen Jingfang Lawyer

Corporate M&A: Lin Jinshun Accountant, Lin Mengxiang Consultant, Xiao Futing Lawyer

Litigation expertise: Huang Zhihao Lawyer, Zeng Xueli Lawyer

Overseas Cooperation: Chen Jingfang Lawyer, Zeng Manying Lawyer

Intellectual Property: Huang Zhihao Lawyer, Zeng Manying Lawyer

Awards & Honors

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